OSHO Silent Retreat
Friday January 12 until Sunday January 14 - with Prabuddha

The only way out is in
- Osho -

Take a break from your life and move into deep rest and relaxation at this OSHO Silent Retreat.
Through meditation and silence rejuvenate your energy and strengthen the connection with yourself.
This weekend residential retreat is an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice or to experience the joy of meditation and silence for the first time.

When you come close to a buddha . . .
He is silent because of his intelligence;
he is silent because of his awareness;
he is silent, not because he has forced himself to be silent,
he is silent simply because he has understood
the pointlessness of being disturbed in any way

Osho - the Art of Dying Chapter 5

Why attend this retreat?
   o   To experience the joy and peace that lies within yourself
   o   Meditation will improve your mental and physical well being
   o   Because "Silence is the key to unlock the door to your true self." Osho

What will I learn?
   o   Osho Active and Passive Meditations
   o   Tools to maintain silent moments in my everyday life
   o   The ability to remain silent for an extended period of time
   o   How to make contact with my own energy
   o   How to be present with myself and others while remaining silent

What will it include?
   o   Three days of silence
   o   A comprehensive program on meditations
   o   Residential stay in the beautiful Osho White Cloud ashram
   o   Print out of all the Osho quotes and meditation instructions from the weekend

About the Facilitator
Prabuddha is originally from England and now resides at the Osho Mevlana Commune in Amsterdam.
He began practising Osho Meditations in 2011 and has been leading meditations and facilitating retreats for the past 8 years.
He is a certified facilitator of the OSHO Born Again Meditative Therapy and has completed the OSHO Active Meditation facilitators training course.
He is a passionate meditator who also loves to share Osho meditations.

More Information
Starting time: Friday January 12 at 12 o'clock - Finishing time: Sunday January 14 at 16 o'clock

Your contribution is € 220 (all in) - Early bird € 195 until December 1

Accomodation includes all meals, coffee and tea, and a place to sleep in the meditation room.
The lunch on Friday is a potluck.
If you want a bedroom, that will cost extra.

The language is English. Meditation instructions are available in English and Dutch.

Venue and Registration
White Cloud ashram - Nirad and Jagran
Hamrikkerweg 132 - 9943 PD Nieuw Scheemda - The Netherlands
+31 (0)598 - 446 406 - nirad@dewittewolk.nl

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