"A commune is a place where seekers gather together,
where lovers of truth hold hands with each other,
where meditators share their experiences with each other,
and where people feel that they are not alone."

About living in the ashram

Since October 1995 we, Jagran & Nirad, have lived in what used to be a small hotel in the countryside of Groningen.
Together we are on a journey of experiencing life in the moment, learning to bring awareness to everything we do. Over time, this awareness helps us move from living purely in the mind of resistance and non-acceptance, to a life of joy and inner peace.
We are inspired by the Indian mystic and our Master Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh).

Now more than ever we are ready to welcome friends, visitors and prospective residents to share our experiential way of living.
We are looking for people who have tasted ordinary life in society, with professional or creative backgrounds and yet are feeling an inner call for deeper meaning, genuine heart connections and a simpler, meditative life in harmony with nature and with us.
We especially welcome friends with skills in gardening, maintenance, cooking or housekeeping to join the ashram. If you have these skills and are looking for an alternative way to live in a meditative and nurturing environment, then please contact us.

The location

The Osho White Cloud ashram in the northeast of the Netherlands, is situated just outside the agricultural village of Nieuw Scheemda within the municipality of Oldambt: a vast area with magnificent skies, impressive farmhouses, blooming fields of rape seed in spring and golden cornfields in summer.

Living at the ashram

The Osho White Cloud ashram, born in 2018, is a spiritual place to live in the north-east of The Netherlands, where friends can come to relax, meditate and through a commune lifestyle transform themselves. The ashram is an oasis of tranquility surrounded by a beautiful and meditative garden, that has been created over the years by the two of us, Jagran and Nirad.
We love to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, with seekers and lovers of truth and with the environment.

We welcome friends with skills in PR, gardening, maintenance, cooking and housekeeping to join the ashram. If you have these skills and are looking for an alternative way to live in a meditative, nurturing environment then please contact us.

Our lifestyle includes:

  • Meditation, especially Osho meditations
  • Relating and sharing
  • Gardening in the garden of about one acre that surrounds the house and is open to the public all year round.
  • Housekeeping, cooking and maintenance
  • Music, singing and dancing
These are just a few ways in which we enjoy our life here. We welcome healthy, inspiring cooperation from everyone living at the ashram.

A few basic understandings:
The Osho White Cloud ashram is a place for grounding, for keeping in tune with life, for looking deeper within oneself.
While this journey may not be easy, transformation happens at its own pace and brings joy, love, and awareness to our daily life.
As a guest it is important to resonate with the spirit of the ashram, showing commitment to your own personal transformation, developing awareness of how to live in harmony with yourself, with others and with the environment.
In joining us we invite you to share in our commitment to living consciously.

Our ashram is a retreat from regular society, a time to move inwards.
While here, it is wholesome and healing if you take a break from electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, etc).

The mind is hectic, confused and creates disharmony within our life.
  • Meditation has only one meaning, and that is going beyond the mind and becoming a witness. In your witnessing is the miracle - the whole mystery of life.
  • Meditation is nothing but putting the mind aside, putting the mind out of the way, and bringing a witnessing which is always there but hidden underneath the mind. This witnessing will reach to your centre, and there is no problem.
  • Meditation is not just sitting silently, it is also a way to carry this meditative state throughout the day, so in every activity we are watchful of our moods, emotions, resistances, energy levels and how much passion we put into everything we do.

"Slowly slowly as witnessing grows,
the distance grows between you and the mind.
Soon the mind is a faraway echo,
and finally you cannot even hear the echo;
then you are left utterly free in tune with you."


As part of the ashram, we offer a program of Osho and other meditation techniques that help you drop into silence and connect with your heart energy. This enables you to gently blend into the calm spirit and lifestyle we have here. These meditations also enrich your experience and assist in personal transformation.
The meditation program includes Creative Meditation in Action in the day along with additional daily scheduled meditations.

What is Creative Meditation in Action

Everything we do with presence and awareness becomes a Creative Meditation in Action. This is a time spent each day, usually in the morning (minimum 4 hours per day) in devotion to the ashram and our inner transformation. This meditation could involve gardening, cooking, and cleaning or whatever else is required each day by the needs of the ashram. These meditations challenge us to watch the body and the mind, our patterns of thinking and feeling, and our habits of reacting rather than responding to people and situations.

It is important that you are physically fit and healthy in order to participate fully in Creative Meditation in Action.

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